Ever wondered how vapourisers and E-cigarettes got started? Apparently, we have Mr.Herbert A. Gilbert to thank for this groundbreaking innovation! With a running logic to define the problem and develop a solution concerning tobacco, Mr. Gilbert found a way to replace burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air. The year was 1963, and cigarette manufacturers and tobacco monarchs were relentless in raking in sales and enjoying global dominion, and sadly, people then weren’t aware and well informed of health risks as compared today. In essence, Mr. Gilbert’s new concept and the breakthrough idea was ignored completely.

Fast forward to China, 2003. A humble pharmacist and medical researcher who was then also a struggling tobacco addict named Hon Lik had a crazy vivid dream where he was drowning at sea when all of a sudden, the water had turned into fine vapor which allowed him to breathe freely. This sparked an idea within him and ignited an inspiration to create an electronic device that will rival the conventional cigarette. A device that ran on a battery pack, an atomizer, and a compact plastic cartridge that could deliver a vaporized derivative of nicotine in a liquefied state whenever activated. Thanks to a man with two names and a lowly Chinaman, Vaping, and E-Liquids are now the chosen alternative to tobacco and cigarette smoking.

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