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A glass pipe is an essential instrument in any smoker’s collection. As Sherlock Holmes could have aptly described the experience, enjoying your favorite smoke with a glass pipe is straight out simple and loaded with a punch. Glass pipes today are a bit more defined and innovatively designed, coming in every size, shape, and color. Biting on the mouthpiece of a classic Spoon pipe or the end of a Chillum is sure to get any noob or green leaf regular, riding high with nonstop hits every time. But if you’re ready to take your next toke and smoke to a whole new level of mile-high style and substance, then grab yourself a Sweet Puff Pipe!

The Sweet Puff Pipe: An Overview of the Perfectly Designed, Piping Hot Puffmeister!

Sweet Puff Pipes are ingeniously engineered with a hand-blown borosilicate Pyrex glass tube that curves at a perfect 90-degree angle which terminates to a one-centimeter in diameter round bowl. Heat resistant and health safety certified, chosen by most, if not all laboratories around the world, Pyrex is a brand known for its industrial-grade strength and durability.

It sports a trademark size of 8 cm to around 20 cm in length, and fitted out with an anti-roll marble which functions as a handle for unmatched stability. It comes in 2 tube variants, straight and short or long bend, and is packed with versatility. While most prefer the touch and feel of a classic smoking pipe and a significant number of others love to vaporize, Sweet Puff Pipes can be efficiently used to smoke dry herbs as well as vaporize liquids and concentrated oils and is known to work wonders with every preference and is a healthier way to smoke week.

Bargain Bongs Online gives you the one and the only, true Aussie pride, the Sweet Puff Pipe for your sheer smoking pleasure. More than cool hits guaranteed, shop from our catalog and experience the difference of each whiff and puff from Down Under’s renowned Sweet Puff Pipe, only from Bargain Bongs Online.