Environmental USB smart electronic lighter Features: The electronic cigarette lighter is powered by rechargeable battery. The battery could be used hun...
Chopper Lighter 5 Bulk Pack Collectable set. Approx size 8.5cm x 2.5cm
Grinade Lighter Normal Flame Refillable
2in1 function - lighter & folding knife Unique design skeleton heads shape handle Security lock inside the handle Metal body very long lasting Refillabl...
Skull Lighter light up eyes laughs makes noises 7cm x 3.5cm
Slim Line Refillable Cigarette Lighters Green Purple Red Blue Yellow Approx size 7cm x 1cm Colours Randomly Selected
Unique Ned Kelly Outlaw Legend Lighter 5 Bulk Pack A great Ned Kelly Outlaw Collectable lighter. Collectable set. Approx size 8.5cm x 2.5cm
The cigarette lighter runs on butane gas and is refillable. Compact and unique design, refillable butane lighter is convenient for the smoker. This cigarette ...
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