Clear Glass Bong with Blue Tar Catcher 32cm
Clear Glass Bong with Green Tiapan Snakes 32cm
Clear Glass Bong with Yellow with Cork 40cm
Clear Glass Bong Billy Bubble Blue Small
Clear Skull Large Oil Pourer Glass Gripper 27cm
Coloured Plastic Water Pipe 14cm Available in blue, purple and red Will be sent at random unless stated at checkout
This Dude Glass Bong is a fine piece of glass art that will take you high! It is formed in the shape of a hollow base tube of 42cm height and 50mm diameter. You...
This FourTwenty black Saxo Bubbler is one of the latest pieces of glass art that will lift you up to the heavens! Made of a super sturdy heat proof borosilic...
Glass Bent Bubble with Bonza Chamber
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