Stone Age with Tar Catcher and Amber Scorpian 22.5cm high 14mm cone No Shottie
Stone Age with Tar Catcher and Killer Whale 24cm high 14mm cone No Shottie
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Stone Age with triple honeycomb perculator Amber
Stone Age with Twin Tar Catcher Amber
Stoneage Waterpipe with tar catcher Colour is clear with Blue Made of glass Length is 16cm 4mm thick 19mm cone Herbal Wax and Oil Pipe
Stumpy leaf Chamber Water pipe Materiel : Glass
Stumpy leaf Water pipe Height : 20 cm Materiel : Glass
The Knockout: The Ultimate Beer Bong Attachment. Turns any beer bottle into a beer bong! Tons of different uses! Beer shotgun, Water Pipe, Gravity Pipe, an...
Titch Water Pipe Height : 15cm Material : Glass
Water Pipe Coloured Leaf Height : 33cm Materiel : Glass
Water Pipe Double Bubble Blue Height : 24cm Materiel : Glass  
Water Pipe Full Glass Medium Gripper Materiel : Glass Available in Black or Blue Will be sent Randomly  
Water Pipe Glass Perculator Materiel : Glass
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