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Does smoking from a bong really give you greater hits and better highs? Does bong size matter? Let’s rip the truth out off the mighty bong, it’s basic function and advantages, only here at Bargain Bongs Online!

The Bong is not your run of the mill gadget choice for smoking weed. Backed by a solid and lengthy history in weed culture, the bong was thought of and often suggested to be the bastard son of the Hookah, a device employing water as a filtration device and used to smoke tobacco in 15th century India. Like the bong, the hookah is celebrated for the innate ability to bring people together to partake in a cloudy adventure, gathering about and ripping the happy smoke out of that peace pipe!

Years of evolution have given us bongs of various colors, shapes, and sizes. Still, true to its basic function and form, smoking your choice of herbs from a water-filled bong remains to be the most popular way of ripping solid smokestacks of sheer heaven! The simple fact behind this truth is that smoking from a glass bong generates smooth, chilled hits filtered and cooled by water.

To the untrained smoker, a bong is just a bong. Every certified herb meister would disagree. Having a bong is nothing short of a magical experience, much like the sorting hat at Hogwart’s, the type, kind and size of the bong will tell a lot about your personality. Depending much on the frequency of use, the environmental conditions, and even the consequential tardiness that might come along the way, your bong of choice reflects the lifestyle you have.

In choosing the right bong, remember that size does and will always matter. A tall bong gives chunky clouds of smoky flavored goodness for the expert smoker with an iron lung capacity, while short and stout junior bongs are a perfect fit for every budding beginner. Rule of thumb: The bigger they are, the heavier hits!

The humble water pipe has been innovatively designed and reinvented throughout the years, spawning bongs of different materials, made with a focused concept on the conditions for each function and use. A bong well made from high-quality borosilicate glass, high-grade plastic, and even high endurance silicone is now widely available for the average muggle. Dab, Rip, Toke or Smoke, your own personal bong is sure to give you more fun memories and absolutely pleasurable hits!

Here at Bargain Bongs Online, we help you cut through the guesswork to help you find the perfect bong! Browse our catalog and find the best bong match for you! From Heavy Hitters, Killer Rippers, Handy Dandies, and even Junior Bongs, Bargain Bongs Online gives you the best bongs at a bargain anywhere, anytime, online all the time!