Marijuana Infused Dinner Parties – Tips and Ideas

weed infused dinner parties

From bud to table, Marijuana infused dinner parties are gaining popularity for a good reason, they’re a lot of fun!

Marijuana dinner parties take an age old tradition and adds an extra layer of magic. Dinner parties are wonderful enough, good friends gathered together for delicious food. But throuw in a bit of the chronic, and you have yourself something pretty spectacular.

Throwing a marijuana infused party requires some planning and preparation to make sure you get the most out of it… 


You have to remember that weed doesn’t effect everyone in the same way, some can smoke it and go about their day, socializing with anyone and everyone that comes their way. But for some, the effects of marijuana can make them feel socially awkward around certain people or strangers, for these types it really helps to be around people they know and trust. 

When you are planning your Marijuana dinner party, this is something to take into account. Gather your best friends who you know are all comfortable with each other. If you there are bad vibes or tension between certain people, keep this in mind and consider not inviting those who you think might add too much tension to the event. 


You want your guests to have a blast, a night they will (maybe) remember. The environment helps set the mood, the right ambience will help bring the night to life. 

If your in a warm environment, consider hosting the night in an outdoor area, on a balcony or poolside. 

Make sure the lighting is right, you want the feeling to be warm and inviting, dim lights work well. Don’t blast your guests with ultrabright ultraviolet beams of light, that’s a sure way to kill the vibe. 


Now that you have your friends list and venue all planned out, you’ll want to get started on devising a weed infused menu that will satisfy you and your guests. Weed infusion is very versatile, so you can pretty well any cuisine will work, so you can choose your favourite cuisine and go from there. There are plenty of resources available online, or many cookbooks available that will help you in finding great weed infused recipes. 

You’ll also want to calculate how many dishes you’ll need to cook, based on how many people will be attending the event (and how big their bellies are).

We have a few great weed infused meal ideas to consider:


Italian cooking love their use of classic herbs and spices, well we have another herb to throw into the mix 😛

There are quite a few italian classics that work great for weed infused parties: Happy pizzas, Spaghetti that will make you giggle, and a special risotto that will have you questioning the meaning of life. 


The festive cuisine of mexico is about to get even more enjoyable! Infuse the usual beloved mexican favourites; tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos with weedy cheese… all complimented with a mexican infused guacamole. 


Weed infused desserts are delicious, but be careful you limit yourself, it’s easy to eat everything on the table without hesitation!

Some great weed infused desert ideas are: weed infused cookies, fudge, brownies, smores, truffles, smoothies, the list doesn’t end.


The strain of weed you choose for your weed infused dinner party can really make or break the experience. Not all weed strains are created equal, and their effects vary. Since you don’t want your guests to fall asleep on the floor after their first taco, this is an important consideration. 

Now, as far as edibles go, the lower the THC the better. The vast majority of stoners agree that oral ingestion give the most powerful effects, and while you can does as accurately as possible, the effects will vary every time. 

In general it is found that Sativa strains are more uplifting and inspire creativity, whereas indica strains tend to be more relaxing and sedating. 

Here are a few strains that we think might work well for your weed infused dinner party:

Trainwreck: This is blend is high in sativa, it inclines into a euphoric and satisfying experience, it can hit hard with trails of laughter following along. 

Blue Dream: This blend is also dominant in sativa, it’s very relaxing with a subtle euphoria, if you don’t want anything too intense this is a good option.

Super Lemon Haze: This strain is perfect for weed dinner parties, as it brings a lot of energy and vitality,  it’s great for just chilling out with friends and having some fun. So if you want a lively night, this is the best bet. 

White Widow: This blend is quite strong and a great choice for a night of creative conversation. 


When cooking marijuana it’s important to get the dosing correct, edibles are much stronger and last longer, so this is very important.

You need to know the THC content of the strain you are using. Most strains are around 10-15% THC. 

If you calculate given 10% THC content, than safe dosing would be as follows:

  • 1.5-2 mg THC: Microdose. Good for first timers.
  • 15-30 mg THC: low-mid dose. Good for social occasions. 
  • 30-50 mg THC: Mid-high dose. Higher euphoria. For seasoned consumers.
  • 50-100 mg THC High dose. For experienced smokers, can result in more side effects.


Some people have no issues with mixing marijuana and alcohol, but there are those that may have some unwanted side effects. So it’s safest to stick with non alcoholic drinks during your weed infused dinner party.