5 Healthiest Ways How to Smoke Marijuana For Healthy Lungs


How to smoke marijuana

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Smoking cannabis has been shown to have a number of benefits, including helping to relieve pain, complications from cancer treatments, and even symptoms of depression.

But it can be done in a number of different ways. You will how to smoke marijuana in this article.



Below are five of the healthiest ways to get benefits from marijuana smoke without increasing exposure to unnecessary chemicals which can take away from the potential health benefits of cannabis.



sweet puff pipes


One of the earliest and most common forms of smoking cannabis is through the use of joints and pipes.

Joints are when marijuana is wrapped inside of a rolling paper and then lit and smoked.

These methods are fast, and provide the user warm smoke from the marijuana in a matter of seconds.

Of the five ways, this is probably the easiest way to access, but there is some concern over whether there are potential carcinogens inhaled from the paper.

This is one reason why many opted to use sweet puff pipes.


There are multiple types and styles of pipes to smoke cannabis.

The best pipes have a filter, which can easily be replaced when needed.

The filter helps to reduce the amount of particles inhaled, making it a healthier option than smoking a joint from traditional paper.



davinci  IQ vaporizer

Probably the healthiest form is through vaporization.

The vaporizer heats the herbs just enough to create a warm smoke, but is still cool enough for the person to breath it in safely.

Additional benefit vaporization is that there is minimal odor released from the smoke created, which makes the marijuana smoke much more discreet than when using a pipe or joint to smoke.

It also does not require the use of any flame or lighter to smoke, making it much easier smoke.

It has quickly become a favorite for those just learning how to smoke marijuana as well as those who have been smoking cannabis for years.


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Water Pipes (Bongs)


water pipes

The use of a water pipe and bong helps to cool the marijuana smoke slightly before it is inhaled.


As a result, it is considered to be safer to use than methods where warm smoke is breathed into the person’s lungs.

An additional benefit is that the water can help to filter out some of the particles that are created when the herb is heated.

This helps to reduce the amount of material that is breath in, making it much safer than smoking joints.

However, the use of water pipes and bongs requires the water to be cleaned regularly to ensure the smoking remains safe and healthy.


Unlike other methods of smoking cannabis, they cannot fit easily into the person’s pocket.

As a result, they are not as discreet, and are not as easy to transport as a joint.




Dabbing is when the harb has had the beneficial cannabinoids extracted and concentrated into an oil form. Because it is highly concentrated, only a small amount of the butane hash oil (BHO) is needed to get maximum benefits.

BHO comes in a number of different forms, and makes it possible for a specific cannabinoid to be isolated in the wax for the user to be able to get maximum benefits when smoking cannabis. To dab, a water pipe is needed with a dab rig attachment on it, also called a nail.

The benefits of dabbing is similar to that of using a water pipe, with the additional benefit of being able to use less herb in a specific concentration to meet your needs.




The use of a g-pen is very similar to that of a vaporizer.

However, the g-pen is a slim wand that is more compact than a regular vaporizer. The g-pen is also able to be used to smoke herbs, oils, and wax.

The g-pen is a vapor pen that comes in a variety of different styles and colors that can easily be slid into a pocket or purse and transported throughout the day from one place to the next.

It is very similar to pens used for smoking tobacco products, and as a result will be able to be used without drawing unnecessary attention by the user.




Any of these five methods of smoking marijuana are able to give the user the health benefits.

However, depending on if looking for a product that gives the purest level of cannabinoids, is the most discreet, or is easily transportable, will determine which of these five methods a person may choose when considering how to smoke marijuana