8 Reasons Cannabis is Less Of a Threat Than Alcohol

Cannabis effects

For a long time marijuana has been stigmatised, while alcohol has been accepted with open arms and enjoyed by the masses. But that doesn’t mean it is safer or less of a threat to society.

Here are 8 reasons why cannabis is less of a threat than alcohol.

1. Alcohol Leads to Riskier Decisions

Alcohol is a social lubricant, it helps you let your guard down and loosen up. But we all know that sweet spot doesn’t last long, that energetic carefree energy soon deteriorates into black out drunk. The effects of cannabis do still affect decision making, but drunks tend to be more more careless.

As much as you might think it at the time, hitting on your boss isn’t a good move.

When your inhibitions are lowered too far, and your intoxicated, sometimes you do stupid things and without thinking of the consequences… Such as:

  • Unwanted or unsafe sexual experiences.
  • Stealing or damaging property.
  • Posting comments or pictures on social media, which you otherwise would not post.
  • Getting into fights.
  • Saying hurtful words to friends and family.

2) Alcohol is More Addictive Than Cannabis

Although marijuana is addictive for some, alcohol is the more addictive substance.

Studies have shown that around 9% of people who have tried smoking marijuana were considered addicted, whereas 15% of people who had ingested alcohol in their life were considered addicted.

3) Excessive Alcohol Usage Damages the Brai

We all know the typical pot head stereotype; a shaggy looking fella’ sitting on the couch all day eating doritos and playing video games. Just like most stereotypes, there may be some sliver of truth, but mostly it’s just a huge exaggeration. In fact chronic alcohol consumption is linked to reduction in grey matter of the brain, but cannabis use on the other hand, was not.

A study was conducted to observer structural changes of both chronic alcohol use and chronic cannabis use. The study observed decreases in grey matter as well as decreases in the integrety of white matter in chronic alcohol drinkers. They saw no changes in the cannabis users.

4) Alcohol Costs Society More Than Marijuana Does


The cost of excess drinking costs Australia around $15 billion every year.

Binge drinking increases injury and illness, as we mentioned earlier, the road death toll of drunk drivers is 2200% that of a sober driver. Alcohol is also a major cause for disease, such as cancer, liver and kidney disease. An increase in arrests is also observed as a result of binge drinking, meaning more officers and more prison inmates.

Binge drinking increases injury, road deaths as well as an increased number of arrests.

5) Cannabis Related Deaths are Rare


Cannabis related deaths are very rare. For all we know, it may save more lives than it takes, as cannabis has been found to even kill cancer cells.

But alcohol is the leading cause of death worldwide… around 5% of the populations deaths are alcohol related. In 2016, the deaths of over 3 million people can be attributed to alcohol consumption.

6) Some People Are Really Angry Drunks


We have all been at the bar and been confronted by the angry drunk! Yes, there are some people that just really shouldn’t drink…

At all…


7) Driving Drunk Is More Dangerous Than Driving Stoned


While smoking weed and driving is still dangerous, driving while drunk is much more dangerous.

A study found that smoking marijuana and driving increased the risk of being in a car accident by 83%. While that figure is nothing to scoff at, the study also found that drinking alcohol and driving increased the risks by more than 2200%!

It’s always a good idea to have a designated driver, whether you are smoking pot or drinking alcohol!

8) Alcohol Is More Widely Available Than Cannabis


Who would have thought that the main killer of our own race would be so beloved and available… well it is, that’s just how it is and it’s insidious.

Provided you’re above age you can walk into any restaurant, bar or bottle shop and buy a big ol’ bottle of vodka without any hassle.

The availability and social acceptance of alcohol makes it especially precarious, as we see it as no problem, just another part of life.

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