CBD Oil For Anxiety

CBD for anxiety

Feeling anxious from time to time is natural for everyone. In fact, there’s a biological reason we feel fear and anxiety… that’s to urge us strongly to run away from the tiger or snake or falling boulder or whatever it is that’s putting us in dangers way. As a protective instinct, it’s very useful, but our anxiety isn’t always the result of natural predators or immediate dangers and this is when anxiety is a problem.  […]

The Ultimate Users Guide to CBD Oil

CBD oil

The popularity of CBD is surging the world, it’s medical uses are being discovered and experimented on by medical researchers and layman alike. With CBD derived from hemp being legal in most countries, it’s potential is in constant blossom. It’s being used in treatment of a wide variety of ailments and is available in many forms such as; tinctures, edibles, balms, skin lotions and more. This is a complete guide on CBD, we will delve […]

Natural Selection: Weeding out the Truth on Marijuana Strains.

strains of marijuana

Above and beyond Marijuana, the culture built around cannabis has constantly evolved with technology and popular trends, has incessantly challenged authority and in recent years, vindicated, revered, and even venerated for it’s proven effects in medical use.  Today, Cannabis use reaches out to a vast audience via social media platforms, going “viral” in its newfound glory. But what is Cannabis? Is it simply a great recreational escape? A gateway into a subculture once painted immoral […]

Canberra Makes a Move To Legalize Marijuana

Australia Legalize marijuana

Canberra, Australia’s capital has passed a bill making it the first in the country to legalize the cultivation, possession and recreational use of marijuana. The bill is not yet in effect but is set to come into effect as of January 31, 2020.  The law allows adults over the age of 18 years to possess up to 50 grams per person and permits up to 4 marijuana plants per household. The law states that adults […]

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

how long can marijuana be detected

Although marijuanas effects are short lived, marijuana lingers in the body for weeks afterwards.  THC Is only detectable in the blood for a few hours, it breaks down very quickly into metobalites. There are around 80 metabolites created by THC and are gradually eliminated through the bodies waste system. Types of Marijuana Drug Testing There are a few ways of testing for marijuana levels in the body.  Urine Urine testing tests for metabolites and marijuana […]