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8 Reasons Cannabis is Less Of a Threat Than Alcohol

For a long time marijuana has been stigmatised, while alcohol has been accepted with open arms and enjoyed by the masses. But that doesn’t mean it is safer or less of a threat to society.

Here are 8 reasons why cannabis is less of a threat than alcohol.

1. Alcohol Leads to Riskier Decisions


Alcohol is a social lubricant, it helps you let your guard down and loosen up. But we all know that sweet spot doesn’t last long, that energetic carefree energy soon deteriorates into black out drunk. The effects of cannabis do still affect decision making, but drunks tend to be more more careless.

As much as you might think it at the time, hitting on your boss isn’t a good move.

When your inhibitions are lowered too far, and your intoxicated, sometimes you do stupid things and without thinking of the consequences… Such as:

  • Unwanted or unsafe sexual experiences.
  • Stealing or damaging property.
  • Posting comments or pictures on social media, which you otherwise would not post.
  • Getting into fights.
  • Saying hurtful words to friends and family.

2) Alcohol is More Addictive Than Cannabis


Although marijuana is addictive for some, alcohol is the more addictive substance.

Studies have shown that around 9% of people who have tried smoking marijuana were considered addicted, whereas 15% of people who had ingested alcohol in their life were considered addicted.

3) Excessive Alcohol Usage Damages the Brain


We all know the typical pot head stereotype; a shaggy looking fella’ sitting on the couch all day eating doritos and playing video games. Just like most stereotypes, there may be some sliver of truth, but mostly it’s just a huge exaggeration. In fact chronic alcohol consumption is linked to reduction in grey matter of the brain, but cannabis use on the other hand, was not.

A study was conducted to observer structural changes of both chronic alcohol use and chronic cannabis use. The study observed decreases in grey matter as well as decreases in the integrety of white matter in chronic alcohol drinkers. They saw no changes in the cannabis users.

4) Alcohol Costs Society More Than Marijuana Does


The cost of excess drinking costs Australia around $15 billion every year.

Binge drinking increases injury and illness, as we mentioned earlier, the road death toll of drunk drivers is 2200% that of a sober driver. Alcohol is also a major cause for disease, such as cancer, liver and kidney disease. An increase in arrests is also observed as a result of binge drinking, meaning more officers and more prison inmates.

Binge drinking increases injury, road deaths as well as an increased number of arrests.

5) Cannabis Related Deaths are Rare


Cannabis related deaths are very rare. For all we know, it may save more lives than it takes, as cannabis has been found to even kill cancer cells.

But alcohol is the leading cause of death worldwide… around 5% of the populations deaths are alcohol related. In 2016, the deaths of over 3 million people can be attributed to alcohol consumption.

6) Some People Are Really Angry Drunks


We have all been at the bar and been confronted by the angry drunk! Yes, there are some people that just really shouldn’t drink…

At all…


7) Driving Drunk Is More Dangerous Than Driving Stoned


While smoking weed and driving is still dangerous, driving while drunk is much more dangerous.

A study found that smoking marijuana and driving increased the risk of being in a car accident by 83%. While that figure is nothing to scoff at, the study also found that drinking alcohol and driving increased the risks by more than 2200%!

It’s always a good idea to have a designated driver, whether you are smoking pot or drinking alcohol!

8) Alcohol Is More Widely Available Than Cannabis


Who would have thought that the main killer of our own race would be so beloved and available… well it is, that’s just how it is and it’s insidious.

Provided you’re above age you can walk into any restaurant, bar or bottle shop and buy a big ol’ bottle of vodka without any hassle.

The availability and social acceptance of alcohol makes it especially precarious, as we see it as no problem, just another part of life.

Unique Cigar gifts Set for men and women

If you are looking for cool cigar accessories or any other unique cigar gifts, then this is the right place for you.

In this article we’ll help you find the best cigar gifts for both men and woman and ensure you give them something they will truly love.

Finding a gift can be a challenge and finding something people will actually use can be even harder. The list we’ve compiled is filled with gifts that people will actually use and love.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list!

1. Candy Skull Case + Pouch + Jet Lighter + Mini Ashtray Set

Candy Skull Case Gift Set

The Candy Skull Case Gift Set is an ideal gift for both men and woman, or even just to buy for yourself!

This gift set comes in 3 colours, green , pink  and blue/purple .

This candy skull case gift set is of great quality and is sure to make whoever you are gifting it to extremely happy.


What’s included?

  • A mini ash tray. This ensures you can be a clean smoker wherever you go.
  • A pouch. Always carry your smokables in style.
  • PCskull case. Allows you to add a personal touch to an otherwise standard item.
  • A jet lighter. The perfect lighter that can even be used in windy conditions.


 2. Gift boxed refillable windproof lighter 

Gift boxed refillable windproof lighter

There’s nothing worse than going out for a smoke and not being able to light up because the wind is more determined to blow out your flame than a five-year-old at a birthday party.

Luckily, this cool cigar gift fixes this problem for you.

This refillable wind proof lighter doesn’t only look good, it will also function in all weather conditions.

Because the flame is more powerful than a normal lighter, it will do the trick no matter how hard the wind tries to stop you.

These luxurious lighters look absolutely stunning and come in a little box. When you buy, one of the 10 models will be randomly selected for you.

This adds an element of surprise to what would otherwise be dull cigar gift shopping!

3. Playboy cigarette case + jet lighter gift pack 

Playboy Gift Set

Playboy is a brand that is known and loved all over the world and playboy gifts are extremely popular.

This playboy gift set includes a playboy cigarette case and a jet lighter so it’s the best cigar gift to give to a playboy fan.

The gift set comes in both purple/blue and pink , so it’s great for both woman and men.

The cigarette case looks fresh, stylish and is great for storing your cigarettes in.

This ensures you don’t have to haul around those bulky and downright ugly packets.

The jet lighter looks great too and, it’s also an all-weather lighter, so just like the last entry on this list, it’s works great, even when it’s windy.

What’s included?

  • A stylish playboy cigarette case
  • An all-weather playboy jet lighter


4. Candy skull oil lighter ash tray gift pack 

candy skull oil lighter ash tray gift pack

The candy skull oil lighter ash tray gift pack is a unique gift for smokers, for both men and woman alike.

With a peculiar yet stylish design, this truly is a fantastic gift to both give and receive.

This set comes in three colours: green  , white  and purple . The ash tray is easy to keep clean and has a great looking design on it.

The lighter that is included is an oil lighter, so it can be refilled whenever it runs out of oil and also has the candy skull design on it.

What’s included?

  • Easy to clean candy skull ash tray
  • Candy skull reusable oil lighter

5. Michael Jackson refillable electronic windproof oil lighter 

Michael Jackson refillable electronic windproof oil lighter

Who doesn’t love Michael Jackson…? He was a true legend and now you can gift someone a lighter with him on it!

This Michael Jackson lighter is refillable and electronic so whoever you give it too will be able to use it for a long time to come. The lighter is completely wind proof so no more struggling with lighting a cigarette when you’re outside ever again.

A great gift for smokers who are also Michael Jackson fans!

6. Leaf colourful oil lighter and ash tray gift pack 

Leaf colourful oil lighter and ash tray gift pack

You may not be looking for a “great cigar gift set” per see and we aren’t one to judge.

Whether you love the beautiful design of this stunning ash tray and lighter, or you love it because it shows your opinion on some political questions, it certainly is a great gift for men and woman alike.

This ash tray looks great and is easy to clean. The lighter is an oil lighter and can be refilled and used for a long time to come. A truly wonderful and unique cigar gift.

What’s included?

  • Easy to clean ash tray
  • Refillable oil lighter


7. Ned Kelly gun oil lighter ash tray gift pack

Ned Kelly gun oil lighter ash tray gift pack
Now, for the last item of this list…

This superb gift pack is the Ned Kelly gun oil lighter ash tray gift set! Ned Kelly is a famed Australian, whether you love him or hate him, and this is a truly fantastic gift set for fans…

The ash tray boasts a wonderful design and is made from glass as well so is easy to clean.

The lighter is refillable with oil and can be used for a long time.

Both the ash tray and lighter are made from sturdy materials to ensure longevity.

What’s included?

  • Sturdy and easy to clean ash tray
  • Strong refillable oil lighter


Hopefully you have been able to find a great gift after reading this list.

If not, take a look at some of the other product categories in this store as they have a wonderful collection of products.

There’s sure to be something for everyone!

Benefits of Herbal Cigarettes

9 Benefits of Herbal Cigarettes

“Smokers are liable to die young”.

Implicit in this very famous authorless quote are the dangers of smoking cigarettes which many people are already aware of.

Starting with the addiction and then subsequently, a long list of health risks due to its primary contents of tobacco and nicotine, smoking cigarettes has never been presented to constitute any health benefits.

However, a sea change is taking over the cigarette sphere with the rise of herbal cigarettes, which eliminate the major risks associated with smoking cigarettes.

With the ability to smoke a variety of healthy herbs like lemongrass, rose petals, ginseng, passion flower etc., many people have jumped ship to realize the perks of herbal cigarettes, while others are still ambivalent about it.

This led to the some of the main questions about herbal cigarettes.

Are herbal cigarettes safe?

What are the health benefits of herbal cigarettes?

Let’s continue reading this to find out.

No addiction

With the absence of nicotine, the addictive agent of mainstream tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes allow users the ability to quit when the need arises.

Nicotine is a constituent associated with high addictive properties not only in cigarettes but in other drugs as well.

Herbal cigarettes are a blend of nicotine free, natural herbs that are not addictive, and can serve as a great path towards quitting nicotine addiction in smoking tobacco cigarettes.

No Risks associated with tobacco

Many scientists believe that tobacco is harmful to the body whether a person smokes it or ingests it through other means.

The constituents and the chemical compounds that makeup tobacco are not the least bit safe to anyone as they contribute to many health challenges, especially cancer.

Conversely, herbal cigarettes offer a diversity of healthy herbs to smoke, some of which are touted for their health benefits, like soothing the lungs, fighting nasal congestion and so much more.

Safer in moderation

As previously stated, the frightening health risks of tobacco are beyond comprehension and in comparison, herbal cigarettes are much safer to smoke.

Smoking herbal cigarettes in moderation are much less threatening and can be done as a pastime especially with ecstacy herbal cigarettes.

Thus, diminishing the likelihood of developing a series of health challenges associated with smoking nicotine and tobacco cigarettes.

This is one of the reasons why many people answer positively to the question “Are herbal cigarettes safe”.

Fights mild health challenges

Many health experts believe that including lemongrass and other soothing herbs in herbal cigarettes offers the benefit of fighting nasal congestion, sore throats, voice distortions, and common cold.

The unique property of lemongrass to fight colds and symptoms of it is one of the reasons why many people recommend it as a quick remedy for cold, especially as tea.

Herbal cigarettes present these special benefits to its smokers.

Boosts immunity

While we’re still discussing the benefits of lemongrass, it’s worth mentioning that smoking it as a primary ingredient of herbal cigarettes includes the benefits of boosting the body’s immunity.

This helps the body fight any foreign bacterial or viral attacks before the onset of any illness.

Increased immunity is important for a sustainable better well-being with minimum health challenges.

This benefit improves the viability and positivity of herbal cigarettes in comparison to tobacco ones.

Helps users quit smoking

The path of quitting smoking is a gradual process that cannot easily be done cold turkey.

Otherwise, anyone wishing to quit could face serious withdrawal challenges.

In order to quit smoking, herbal cigarette is a great option.

They allow users to derive the pleasures of smoking without getting hooked or addicted due to their absence of nicotine.

Added health benefits also set users on a path of cleansing the harmful effects of a tobacco cigarette.

Quitting smoking becomes easier when one substitutes a tobacco cigarette for a herbal one.

Helps Digestion

Given the myriad digestive benefits of a wide variety of herbs, smoking herbal cigarettes helps the body digest food faster and eliminate any congestion that can result in constipation.

In addition, easy digestion helps the body remove toxins quicker and more efficient.

With the benefit of aiding digestion, one should hurry to find out where to buy herbal cigarette to leverage this benefit, especially when you smoke.

You get the pleasure of smoking as well as the benefit of aided digestion.

Calming and Stress Relieving

Herbal cigarettes containing chamomile, lavender, and lemongrass help users relieve stress and take the edge off, especially ecstacy herbal cigarettes.

ecstacy herbal cigarettes

The soothing and calming properties of these herbs make them desirable to many users.

Tobacco cigarettes do the opposite, they are not associated with stress relief or calming their users.

Furthermore, smoking herbal cigarettes is not only better for you, it’s also better for the people around you. The smoke released is a byproduct of healthier herbs compared to the harmful tobacco smoke.

Scented and Odor Free

One of the major disadvantages of tobacco cigarettes is the awful, coarse, and distinctive odor it emits.

Any tobacco smoker can easily be identified simply from the stench of tobacco that lingers around their body.

In some cases, it gets so severe that even when a person did not smoke at a certain time, the stench of tobacco lingers around the person’s aura. Herbal cigarettes eliminate this problem.

With herbs like rose petals, lavender, and chamomile, smoking herbal cigarettes exudes a pleasant and attractive scent that isn’t repulsive to the people around.

Having outlined most of the health benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes does not mean that they pose no health challenges.

A saying goes as “too much of everything is bad”. Smoking too much herbal cigarettes can be counterproductive as the basis of smoking produces carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the body.

It is recommended that herbal cigarettes should be smoked moderately and one should always look to quit.

With that being said, herbal cigarettes are unequivocally better in comparison to tobacco cigarettes.

So! Are you already looking for where to buy herbal cigarettes or are you still procrastinating?

Keep in mind that herbal cigarettes are safer, healthier, and smell nicer.

Different types of Bongs Materials and Designs

Bongs are fascinating especially when you want to take the optimum pleasing experience of smoking. Often people face a lot of difficulties while making their ideal purchase for it.

We certainly understand that it is inevitable.

With so much of choices to make upon, confusion is sure to happen.

It sounds awesome that you have decided in purchasing.

But have you ever gone into the details about it?

Or had spent the minimum time of yours in knowing what benefits every material brings along with it? Narrowing the thoughts, what are the drawbacks that every materials or design had?

No, most people choose the most eyes suited one. But we prefer our readers to be more careful with their purchase.

Firstly you need to think whether you are making the purchase as a display unit or for on the go.

There are some materials that are actually not suitable for the ride.

And need a special corner of your house for display.

Extending further, do wish it to be crystal clear to you? Often you don’t realize when you need to refill your bong with resin.

It results in an unpleasing experience as you often had to check the buildup.

Also, mishaps can happen at any time.

And you might not want your worthy bong to scatter in the floor in pieces. Not all bongs are pocket-friendly. Some come at a great price, so going through a budget check is essential. Undoubtedly this is a long checklist.

But we don’t want to make our readers panic before they make their pleasing purchase. So we have round up on different types of bongs materials and designs, rendering you a clear idea on it.

Here we go;

Bongs materials

Glass Bongs



  • Glass

Glass bongs are the most common as well as expensive one. But it does have solid reasoning for that. Glass doesn’t affect your smoke taste.

It renders a clear and fresh flavor giving a satisfactory experience to the smokers.

Due to the transparency of glass, you can be well knowledgeable when to build up the resin. The material also helps in the cleaning of the bong.

So it quite clear why it is most in-demand.

Recommended:  Glass Bongs

  • Plastic


plastic bongs

Plastic bongs are the second in-demand material for the bong. Its durable quality had earned it the heart of the smokers.

Your bong will not be going to scatter into pieces any matter from what heights it fall.

With the ceramic and glass bongs, you seriously need to be very careful.

But the only adverse thing is that it might slightly affect the quality of the smoke.

  • Ceramic


ceramic bongs

Want your guest to appreciate your bong purchase? Then you really need to go with the ceramic material.

Despite being heavier and expensive, these bongs can become the most attractive showpiece of your house.

You can display it in the cabinet or for use in the special occasion.

Generally, ceramic bongs are not for the daily smokers.

It also can’t turn wise to use it on a ride.

So avoid traveling with your ceramic bong as it can break.

Recommended Ceramic Bongs

  • Bamboo


bamboo bongs

Bamboo bong materials turn to be favorable for the daily users as those don’t get crack easily.

It is available from basics.

Some just have the bamboo tube with the seal bottom whereas other comes decorated.

You can seriously trust this material if you want to go a long way with your single purchase.

  • Metal


Brass Bongs

Metal bong materials are also available in the market but not like the plastics or the glass materials.

It comes a bit cheaper and also trusted for durability.

But the drawback of the metal material bong is that it really doesn’t show off when to clean.

And secondly, it can affect your smoke taste.

Recommended Brass Bongs

Bong Designs


We want you to have the full pleasing experience of the bong. Till now we talk over the materials used in making the bong.Now we have come up with the different types of bongs that can render the intense hit.

So here we start;

  • Carburetor Bongs


Carburetor Bongs

Some bongs come with a hole and some don’t. Carburetor bongs are those which include a whole in its structure. The hole may be somewhere in the middle.

If you really want to experience the intense hit, then these Bongs are the best. The hole present in it permit fresh air to enter the pipe which drives the smoke straight to your lungs.

These types of bongs help to breathe in all the smoke of the pipe.

  • Straight-Tube Bong


Straight-Tube Bong

Want to try the simple and effective smoke? Well, then you must try the simple designed straight-tube bong. Its one side comes to end with the stem and on the side, there is a bowl projecting out. You need to pour water into the tube and fill the bowl with ganja. And your bong is ready to use.

  • Multi-chamber Bong


Multi-chamber Bong

Also known as the recycler bong, these types of bongs is another form of a straight-tube bong. It contains two chambers which connect to each other through the pipe or another chamber. Both chambers contains within water that ensures filtration of the smoke twice.

This bong will render you with a much cooler and smoother smoke. It is a bit expensive due to its build. And also you had to face problem in cleaning the bong.

  • Percolator Bong


percolator bong

Comes in a lot more variation, percolator bong includes percolator. This glass evaporates smoke before it passes the water causing a bubbling effect. Thus this way of working makes the filtration better and also cools faster.

Percolators come either at the bong’s bottom or in other chamber or can be both. This arrangement makes the bong design much complex and hard to clean. Percolator bongs are expensive than the usual one.

Recommended Percolator Bong


Consumption of Cannabis relates to ones spirit of enjoying the different flavor of life. We recommend you to go through all the variations to find the ideal bongs of yours. After all spending, a bit extra is really ok when you want to enjoy your life to the fullest.

The Healthiest Ways to Smoke Weed

How to smoke marijuana

Photocredit: omegacentauri

Smoking cannabis has been shown to have a number of benefits, including helping to relieve pain, complications from cancer treatments, and even symptoms of depression.

But it can be done in a number of different ways.

Below are five of the healthiest ways to get the benefits from weed without any unwanted health implications.



sweet puff pipes

One of the more common methods of smoking cannabis is through the use of joints… Often mixed with tobacco. The problem with this method is that your not just smoking weed, you are mixing it with tobacco.

Using a sweet puff pipe is an excellent alternative, as it is portable in the same way that a joint is. You can carry it around in your pocket or easily slip it into your bag and pull it out when your ready to take a toke.

Some pipes are equipped with filters, taking the edge of the smoke, making it easier on the throat and lungs. The filter helps to reduce the amount of particles inhaled, making it a healthier option than smoking a joint from traditional paper.


davinci IQ vaporizer

Probably the healthiest form is through vaporization.

The vaporizer heats the herbs just enough to create a warm smoke, but is still cool enough for the person to breath it in safely.

Another benefit of vaporization is that there is minimal odor released from the smoke created, which makes the marijuana smoke much more discreet than when using a pipe or joint to smoke.

It also does not require the use of any flame or lighter to smoke, making it much easier smoke.

It has quickly become a favorite for those just learning how to smoke marijuana as well as those who have been smoking cannabis for years.

Recommended: DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Water Pipes (Bongs)

water pipes

The use of a water pipe and bong helps to cool the marijuana smoke slightly before it is inhaled.

As a result, it is considered to be safer to use than methods where warm smoke is breathed into the person’s lungs.

An additional benefit is that the water can help to filter out some of the particles that are created when the herb is heated.

This helps to reduce the amount of material that is breath in, making it much safer than smoking joints.

However, the use of water pipes and bongs requires the water to be cleaned regularly to ensure the smoking remains safe and healthy.

Unlike other methods of smoking cannabis, they cannot fit easily into the person’s pocket.

As a result, they are not as discreet, and are not as easy to transport as a joint.


Dabbing is when weed has had the beneficial cannabinoids extracted and concentrated into an oil form. Because it is highly concentrated, only a small amount of the butane hash oil (BHO) is needed to get maximum benefits.

BHO comes in a number of different forms, and makes it possible for a specific cannabinoid to be isolated in the wax for the user to be able to get maximum benefits when smoking cannabis. To dab, a water pipe is needed with a dab rig attachment on it, also called a nail.

The benefits of dabbing is similar to that of using a water pipe, with the additional benefit of being able to use less herb in a specific concentration to meet your needs.


The use of a g-pen is very similar to that of a vaporizer.

However, the g-pen is a slim wand that is more compact than a regular vaporizer. The g-pen is also able to be used to smoke herbs, oils, and wax.

The g-pen is a vapor pen that comes in a variety of different styles and colors that can easily be slid into a pocket or purse and transported throughout the day from one place to the next.

It is very similar to pens used for smoking tobacco products, and as a result will be able to be used without drawing unnecessary attention by the user.