Different types of Bongs Materials and Designs

Bongs are fascinating especially when you want to take the optimum pleasing experience of smoking. Often people face a lot of difficulties while making their ideal purchase for it.

We certainly understand that it is inevitable.

With so much of choices to make upon, confusion is sure to happen.

It sounds awesome that you have decided in purchasing.

But have you ever gone into the details about it?

Or had spent the minimum time of yours in knowing what benefits every material brings along with it? Narrowing the thoughts, what are the drawbacks that every materials or design had?

No, most people choose the most eyes suited one. But we prefer our readers to be more careful with their purchase.

Firstly you need to think whether you are making the purchase as a display unit or for on the go.

There are some materials that are actually not suitable for the ride.

And need a special corner of your house for display.

Extending further, do wish it to be crystal clear to you? Often you don’t realize when you need to refill your bong with resin.

It results in an unpleasing experience as you often had to check the buildup.

Also, mishaps can happen at any time.

And you might not want your worthy bong to scatter in the floor in pieces. Not all bongs are pocket-friendly. Some come at a great price, so going through a budget check is essential. Undoubtedly this is a long checklist.

But we don’t want to make our readers panic before they make their pleasing purchase. So we have round up on different types of bongs materials and designs, rendering you a clear idea on it.

Here we go;

Bongs materials

Glass Bongs



  • Glass

Glass bongs are the most common as well as expensive one. But it does have solid reasoning for that. Glass doesn’t affect your smoke taste.

It renders a clear and fresh flavor giving a satisfactory experience to the smokers.

Due to the transparency of glass, you can be well knowledgeable when to build up the resin. The material also helps in the cleaning of the bong.

So it quite clear why it is most in-demand.

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  • Plastic


plastic bongs

Plastic bongs are the second in-demand material for the bong. Its durable quality had earned it the heart of the smokers.

Your bong will not be going to scatter into pieces any matter from what heights it fall.

With the ceramic and glass bongs, you seriously need to be very careful.

But the only adverse thing is that it might slightly affect the quality of the smoke.

  • Ceramic


ceramic bongs

Want your guest to appreciate your bong purchase? Then you really need to go with the ceramic material.

Despite being heavier and expensive, these bongs can become the most attractive showpiece of your house.

You can display it in the cabinet or for use in the special occasion.

Generally, ceramic bongs are not for the daily smokers.

It also can’t turn wise to use it on a ride.

So avoid traveling with your ceramic bong as it can break.

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  • Bamboo


bamboo bongs

Bamboo bong materials turn to be favorable for the daily users as those don’t get crack easily.

It is available from basics.

Some just have the bamboo tube with the seal bottom whereas other comes decorated.

You can seriously trust this material if you want to go a long way with your single purchase.

  • Metal


Brass Bongs

Metal bong materials are also available in the market but not like the plastics or the glass materials.

It comes a bit cheaper and also trusted for durability.

But the drawback of the metal material bong is that it really doesn’t show off when to clean.

And secondly, it can affect your smoke taste.

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Bong Designs


We want you to have the full pleasing experience of the bong. Till now we talk over the materials used in making the bong.Now we have come up with the different types of bongs that can render the intense hit.

So here we start;

  • Carburetor Bongs


Carburetor Bongs

Some bongs come with a hole and some don’t. Carburetor bongs are those which include a whole in its structure. The hole may be somewhere in the middle.

If you really want to experience the intense hit, then these Bongs are the best. The hole present in it permit fresh air to enter the pipe which drives the smoke straight to your lungs.

These types of bongs help to breathe in all the smoke of the pipe.

  • Straight-Tube Bong


Straight-Tube Bong

Want to try the simple and effective smoke? Well, then you must try the simple designed straight-tube bong. Its one side comes to end with the stem and on the side, there is a bowl projecting out. You need to pour water into the tube and fill the bowl with ganja. And your bong is ready to use.

  • Multi-chamber Bong


Multi-chamber Bong

Also known as the recycler bong, these types of bongs is another form of a straight-tube bong. It contains two chambers which connect to each other through the pipe or another chamber. Both chambers contains within water that ensures filtration of the smoke twice.

This bong will render you with a much cooler and smoother smoke. It is a bit expensive due to its build. And also you had to face problem in cleaning the bong.

  • Percolator Bong


percolator bong

Comes in a lot more variation, percolator bong includes percolator. This glass evaporates smoke before it passes the water causing a bubbling effect. Thus this way of working makes the filtration better and also cools faster.

Percolators come either at the bong’s bottom or in other chamber or can be both. This arrangement makes the bong design much complex and hard to clean. Percolator bongs are expensive than the usual one.

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Consumption of Cannabis relates to ones spirit of enjoying the different flavor of life. We recommend you to go through all the variations to find the ideal bongs of yours. After all spending, a bit extra is really ok when you want to enjoy your life to the fullest.